Cultivating awareness and movement
The intention of GlóMotion is to eliminate reactive-compulsive movements and cultivate aware and intentional muscle responses.

The quantity of time spent is less significant than the quality of time invested. In GlóMotion, time is less relevant and what is experienced in the body takes on new meaning. Aware in the present moment, the body begins to communicate through feelings and sensations.
A multi-stage workout program for mind, body, and soul 
The GlóWorkout is a three-stage workout program that begins with “scanning” the body followed by relaxation and then moves on to physical exercises, concluding with a stretch and relaxation period that emphasizes the lower back, hips, and hamstrings.

Each GlóMotion class is based on the GlóWorkout, but the physical exercises vary based on the level, length, and type of class.

The GlóWorkout exercises are displayed in the media section. They include GlóCore, GlóRelease, GlóMobility, GlóPosture, GlóGravity, and GlóBreathing.    

Body awareness through attention management
Scanning the body is a process in GlóMotion of exercising awareness and consciousness of the body, which then becomes available as it communicates through sensations. Nothing means anything unless you make it mean something. Thoughts and sensations are powerless until we empower them or attach meaning to them. With GlóMotion, you don't take yourself seriously. The intention is to be present, aware, and to enjoy yourself now.
Engage your abdomen using the GlóMotion Crafter
The GlóCore exercises using the Crafter integrate mind, breath, and mobility training with powerful and easy-to-practice muscle-building and fat-burning exercises. GlóCore is at the center of the complete wellness system in which all components are part of a larger holistic package.

GlóMotion method merges traditional Yoga and modern technology.

GlóWorkout develops core abdominal strength and sustains weight control. Its philosphy embraces bodily and organic fitness through a exercise program which increases energy and procures physical benefits in the least amount of time.

Meditation in motion to cultivate awareness and conscious muscle response
Everything in life is conceived from thought. There must first be an idea or thought before anything can materialize. Again, what you think about in any given moment is what expands. When we allow ourselves to want and desire without attaching any meaning to the outcome, it sets the stage for intending our future in the now. Our creative forces are set into motion, and if we are present, we begin to determine and intend our destiny, deliberately and decisively.

When we begin to truly live, to be fully alive, with energetic abundance, we begin to intend our futures, take responsibility, forgive ourselves, flourish, and grow by deciding what it is we desire in our lives. That is what the GlóMotion system and "being the change" is all about. 

Living with clear intention
When we begin to truly lead our lives, when we decide what our purpose is and begin living with clear intention, something profound happens: we naturally develop the ability to lead by example, to be a shining light, and to affirm and encourage ourselves, unattached . . . to achieve our aspirations.

The body is the vehicle, and the physical aspects of the GlóMotion system create an arena for the spirit to soar. Integrating philosophy with the exercises will lead you on a path to enjoyment of yourself in every moment.

The GlóWorkout is comprised of twenty exercises. The entire routine can be completed in approximately thirty to fifty minutes depending on the number of repetitions intended.

GlóReleases—Stretching is relaxing and letting go
In GlóMotion, what most styles of yoga or athletic activity call stretching, we call releasing or letting go. Stretching generally means to elongate something for the duration of an activity after which it returns to its original state. With GlóReleases, however, the intention is to facilitate a permanent release.

The essence of releasing is a psychological process that translates to the physical body. When we perform releases, the sensation experienced is an indication or communication from the body of how we are holding ourselves in our minds. The first thing we learn is that stretching is relaxation. Stay in your comfort zone and practice letting go into the sensations.

GlóMobility—Increase circulation and grace 
GlóMobility exercises increase awareness and mobility at the center of your body and being. Developing a connection to the muscles in the lower abdomen, lower back, and hips is essential, as this is the nexus of holding in the human body.

These are the muscle groups we use to hold and discharge—both literally and emotionally, consciously or unconsciously. Being aware allows you relax and release the way in which you hold yourself.  
GlóPostures—Open your heart; cardio with a twist
GlóPostures include the 5 Tibetan Rites in addition to other yoga postures and conventional exercises that get your heart beating and increase the flow of energy throughout your body.

All exercises are performed at a pace in which conscious breathing plays an important role, thus emphasizing the mind-body connection. Each posture is repeated 7–21 times based on class level. High-frequency repetitions result in more strength to support alignment of the body, flexibility of the spine, and grounding. 

GlóGravity—Strength through awareness
GlóGravity is a series of exercises that leverage a suspension system in which you use your own weight and body posture to adjust the intensity of the workout and also to bypass holding patterns that constrain the body.

Performing each exercise at a super-slow pace increases awareness and intensity, so the effect is maximized and only 10 repetitions are required. This approach is based on the fact that super-slow resistance work and strength training provides significantly more results than conventional strength training. 

GlóBreathing—The quality of breath is the quality of life
GlóBreathing is a sequence of guided conscious breathwork that is utilized to allow the universal energy to stream through your divine body to enhance and maximize physical activity or calm the body as required. These lung expansion and deep diaphragm exercises are crafted to maximize oxygen efficiency, metabolism, energy, and tranquility.

The breath brings oxygen and prana (vital life force) into the body to revitalize and energize every living cell. Pranayama is the yogic science of gaining mastery over prana through breathing techniques and through making breathing a conscious process. All the functions of the body, voluntary and involuntary, are governed by prana. Control of prana means increased functioning of all your organs and body systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, glandular, and nervous.