Uncovering deeper levels of well-being
Gudni Gunnarsson is the creator of GlóMotion. As a physical fitness trainer, Gudni realized the limitations of physical exercises without a mental component. A lifelong practitioner of yoga, Gudni set out to develop a revolutionary fitness system for mind, body, and soul, which became GlóMotion.

As Gudni witnessed the miraculous transformation of not just the bodies, but the lives of his clients, he realized he had something profound to share with people everywhere. His mission is to “help people discover their inner gló and energy.” Not a small feat, but one to which he is joyously and passionately committed.

For some twenty years, Gudni Gunnarsson has worked with hundreds of clients in uncovering deeper levels of well-being, personal achievement, and prosperity. He has an international clientele and has taught on both coasts, as well as in Europe. He resides in Reykjavík, Iceland, with his wife, Gudlaug Petursdottir, and regularly makes appearances at various speaking engagements around the world.

Mr. Gunnarsson is the author the Icelandic bestseller (Máttur Viljans, 2011), Presence Is Power
 (Máttur Athyglinnar, 2012), and Glow: How to Resonate Prosperity and Mr. Gunnarsson first book Vision Work, 2004

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Mr. Gunnarsson is now available for life coaching sessions via skype. Email for inquiry gg@glomotion.com
The founder of GlóMotion was interviewed by best selling author -Merrie Lynn Ross: "Presence is Power when you face your shadows, and take ownership of your life. No matter what the circumstance you can thrive. Gudni Gunnarsson internationally revered founder of Rope Yoga shares the tools in his new book Presence is Power."