Presence is Power
Presence is power is a guide to the inner power we all possess. You are the creator of your own life, intentionally or not. You can decide to invest your energy in being the change in your life, not it deprivation, numbness, absence or pain. Devote your attention with awareness and make it your prayer or mantra to grow and prosper.
Your source of renewable energy
GlóMotion is a life-changing experience and a source of generating personal renewable energy that transcends into every area of your life—including your career and relationships. Merging traditional yoga and modern advances, the patented GlóMotion system develops core abdominal strength and sustains weight control.

This philosophy embraces bodily and organic fitness through an awareness-enhancing exercise program that procures physical and energetic benefits in the least amount of time. 

GlóMotion Crafter & Exercise System
The GlóMotion Crafter and GlóRopes integrate mind, breath, and mobility training with powerful and easy-to-practice muscle-building and fat-burning exercises. It is at the center of GlóMotion—a complete wellness system in which all components are part of a larger holistic approach. 
A holistic fitness system 
In GlóMotion, the body, mind, and soul are viewed as a whole. All GlóMotion practice is focused on increased awareness—for it is only through awareness that we truly show up in our lives and make room for the transformation we desire. That is how we "become the change." 
An effective way to deal with back pain 
GlóMotion is an effective system for relieving tension in the back through learning to release tension in the legs and strengthening the core. 
Addressing your nourishing intent
Nourishing intent is to nourish your intentions and purpose, mindfully and consciously. This means that you contemplate your purpose and the purpose of nourishing yourself. Have you consciously decided upon and declared your purpose? Do you allow the concrete of your foundation to flow unconstrained or directed? Have you created a structure from blueprints to contain the concrete before you start pouring? Do you understand that everything you ingest becomes you? Are you nourishing prosperity and wellness or scarcity and disease?  
All that you devote your awareness to grows and thrives.  
Awareness is our primary asset: how we devote or invest our energy determines our quality of life.

The first step on the road to prosperity resides in mindfulness—in being aware of our current position so that we can genuinely assess whether we want to continue along the path we are on or branch out in new directions. As soon as we make that decision, we are on our way.